Frequently asked questions:

When are offerings accepted until?

Deadline for submission of offerings: Monday, 15th April, 2019

After the deadline, no offerings will be accepted. You can help us by sending us your offering early. For example, you might start thinking about your offering now and resolve to write and send it within a week. Better an early offering than last-minute panic.

Please use the online form to submit your offering this year:


Who can send an offering?

The book will accept offerings from everyone directly initiated by Srila Prabhupada, regardless of their personal history, present circumstances, personal views, or institutional affiliations.

The only criterion for eligibility is to be a direct Srila Prabhupada disciple.

For the purposes of this book, a direct Srila Prabhupada disciple is, by definition, anyone included in the disciple database maintained by Mahamaya Devi Dasi. (If you’re not included and think you should be, please take that up with her: mahamaya.acbsp at

Prabhupada disciples who are husband and wife may submit a joint offering or may each send an offering separately.

Offerings on behalf of temples, projects, or institutions will not be accepted.

Receiving your book

The book will be a printed volume.

Thanks to generous sponsorship by devotees from South Africa, every disciple who sends an offering will receive a book, free of charge.

Extra copies for temples and individuals will be available for a small charge if ordered in advance. Please see the orders page.

We will also publish the book in pdf format. It will be available for download at and at

We sometimes find that the books we send out are not delivered – this can often be down to a change in address details that we are not aware of, or the books somehow go missing in transit – we apologise for these occurrences.

What information you need to submit?
  • Your spiritual name
  • A further way to identify yourself, if needed for clarity.
    For example, if you and another disciple have the same initiated name, you might add your occupation or year of initiation or some other marker to distinguish yourself. Or you might add your previous name by initiation if your name has since changed. If you do provide an extra marker or your previous name, please let us know whether it’s for us to publish (in parentheses) or is just for the information of the editors.
  • The date of your first (Hari-nama) initiation
    Following Vaisnava etiquette, the offerings will be printed in this order: sannyasis first, then our other godbrothers and godsisters, in order from senior to junior. (This year, sannyasis will again come first, but the sannyasi list too will be sorted in date order, reckoned in terms of the date of Hari-nama initiation.) If you don’t remember the exact date of your initiation, come as close as you can.
  • If appropriate, a note that you’re a sannyasi.
    If you’re a member of the sannyasa asrama but may not be known to our editors, please add a note to tell us so. (We can’t always tell from your name, since some devotees not in the renounced order have “Swami” or “Goswami” as part of their initiated name.) By telling us you’re a sannyasi you’re saying you have formally accepted sannyasa within the Gaudiya sampradaya and are living accordingly. As a guiding rule, we’ll simply take your word for it.
  • How our editors can get in touch with you.
    In case we have any questions, please include your e-mail address and, if possible, your phone number. These are for our own use, not for publication, and we will not share them without your permission. For example, we may need to get in touch with you just to verify that an offering with your name on it actually comes from you. If you don’t have an e-mail address, please provide the address of someone close to you who does.
  • Where we should send your book
    Your physical mailing address. (Please remember to include the country.)
  • Your Tribute which you can upload as a document.
    Not more than 1,500 words—and fewer is fine.
  • Any notes or special directions to us about your offering.
Editorial standards?

The book is meant for glorifying Srila Prabhupada. And we encourage you to do that in your own way.

Certain kinds of content, however, we ask that you kindly avoid:

  • Venting grievances
    Please reserve that for some other place.
  • Taking stands on internal philosophical controversies
    Let the jiva fall or not fall in some other book.
  • Promoting institutions other than the ones Srila Prabhupada founded and other contemporary spiritual guides.
    We respect that you may have received spiritual knowledge or inspiration from contemporary spiritual guides other than Srila Prabhupada and the members of the Society he founded. But we ask that you express your gratitude to them elsewhere. Similarly, we respect that they too may have their own relationship with Srila Prabhupada, but we ask that you refrain from highlighting that relationship as part of your offering.
  • Criticizing devotees of the Lord
  • Exploring Srila Prabhupada’s personal rasa with Krsna.
    Although in 2012 we published a couple of articles offering thoughts about what is Srila Prabhupada’s eternal rasa with Krsna — is it sakhya or is it madhurya? — for future books, we ask that this topic be left aside. The topic has “been done.” Let us go forward.

We reserve the right to exclude any offering that to us seems inappropriate, or to ask for a rewrite.

By respecting these guidelines, you’ll make the work of our editors easier. And you’ll still have wide scope for glorifying His Divine Grace.

That said, if these guidelines seem too stringent for you, please don’t give up. We do try to work with you, and we’ve been known to bend.

Technical standards?

The preferred language for the book is English, but we can also accept offerings in Spanish, French, German, or Italian. If you send your offering in one of those languages, we’d be grateful if you’d also send a translation as well, so that your offering can be read both by our editors and by the other readers of the book. Also: If you do send your offering in a language other than English, we’d be grateful if you’d send it early.

  • Please make your offering no longer than 1,500 words. (Conciseness is a virtue. Shorter offerings are fine.)
  • If you’re contributing an offering to this year’s “regular” Vyasa-puja book, you may contribute the same offering here.
  • Please omit all diacritics on words that can be found in the VedaBase. It’s easier for us to put them in. If you quote a verse from outside the VedaBase or compose original Sanskrit, please include diacritics.
  • Always leave a double space between paragraphs. If you want some special formatting, please ensure the intended formatting can be seen in the Microsoft Word that you submit via the online submission form.
How to send an offering?

Please upload your offering using our online form. This approach is preferred as it will allow us to serve you better. Each Tributee should have a unique email address. If you don’t have an e-mail account, please send your offering with the help of a friend who does.

Files composed with Microsoft Word will be fine, with extension *.docx or *.doc. If need be, other non-Word files such as *.rtf or *.txt can be submitted, though not ideal.

A very helpful naming convention to consider for your file submission is:


For example:


The above naming convention helps to ensure we always know who the file belongs to on the editing side.

For your reference, you can kindly refer to the Srila Prabhupada Disciple Database for all known details on initiation dates. If any initiation details are unknown – please add XXXX or XX in its place.

When we receive your offering, we will send you an automatic confirmation email that lists the details of your submission. Please do check your spam folder or your Promotions tab first. If you are sure that you didn’t receive this confirmation email, it is quite possible we didn’t receive your offering either. It might be worth filling. In that case, please drop us a note so we can sort things out for you.)

As a last resort, you can email your offering to [email protected].

What if I am late to submit?

If you are late to submit your offering after the deadline, it would be incredibly helpful if you would submit via the online form and upload a *.docx Word file (rather than emailing it in to us).

An online submission with a file upload reduces the time taken for us to process your offering compared to one emailed in.

If the deadline has passed – there is no guarantee that we will be able to include your offering. However, it is more likely that we can if it is submitted via the online form.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Where to direct questions?

If you need to speak to someone personally, you can call Pradyumna or Nimai in England at:

+44 116-2542074 or +44 7812-586-790.

If you have any questions or comments, please write to Pradyumna Dasa:

[email protected].